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Here is to a fantastic school year!

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Any volunteers who can help out, please contact your school or visit

Call for Volunteers

We are seeking volunteers for noon supervision! We cover criminal record check fees & offer $20/noon. Please contact your school or
See for the latest info.

STF Work-to-Rule Notice

Please see for information on the most recent Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation job action. Volunteers for noon supervision, please visit
Rainbows over new school in Lanigan, SK.

Rainbows over Lanigan

One of our amazing staff members captured this double rainbow over the new Lanigan School earlier this week! Here's to new beginnings and creating a vibrant educational space for all.
Until further notice, all school functions will continue as usual.

STF sanctions on hold

The STF has announced that extracurricular activities and noon supervision will return to normal, effective April 12 at 11:59 p.m.

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